Dual Chamber Turnkey Leak Test System Dual Chamber Turnkey Leak Test System Dual Chamber Turnkey Leak Test System

We engineered four custom leak test systems using the helium hard vacuum leak test method and dual, custom tooled vacuum test chambers for fast cycle times. 

  • Leak test chamber to accommodate four different part sizes
  • High throughput and fast cycle times
  • Ability to change the reject set point without changing out calibrated leak standards
  • Dual stainless steel leak test chambers with auto open/close of lid and fiber optic through-beam sensors for part detection
Airbag Inflators & Components
Automotive A/C Systems & Components
Production Volume:
Medium to high
Tracer gas:
Helium and Argon mix
Controller System:
Custom PLC
Leak Test Method:
Helium hard vacuum
Leak rate:
5 x 10-9 Pa.m3/sec
Cycle time:
Less than 18 seconds
Internal Test Pressure:
60 Mpa
Portable station
Two custom tooled leak test fixtures

No accessories available.

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