A global supplier of automotive components required a small footprint leak test system with tooling to support a complex part shape and multiple types of tests, including an inner and outer tube leak test, pressure sensor functional test, and a flow/occlusion test. 

LACO engineers provided a flexible solution using our FLEXSTATION helium leak test system along with several custom leak test chambers machined out of aluminum billet. With chambers featuring minimal test volume and hard interface tooling, the paths made in the aluminum precisely fit the complex shape of the part, reducing dead space and speeding test cycles. The system utilized the helium hard vacuum leak test method with airproof test, occlusion test and functional pressure sensor test.

  • FLEXSTATION helium leak test system
  • Multiple custom machine billeted aluminum vacuum chambers
Leak testing A/C parts
Automotive A/C Systems & Components
Production Volume:
Medium to high
Tracer gas:
Controller System:
Leak Test Method:
Helium hard vacuum
Leak rate:
0.01 cc/min at 3.0 MPa helium
Leak Rate Reject Limit
1 x 10-4 atm-cc/sec
~100 parts/hour
Cycle Time:
Less than 60 seconds
Portable cart
Two custom machine billeted chambers on carts
Leak Detector
Pumping System:
Two W2V20 RVP's (part evacuation), one W2V80 RVP (roughing pump)

No accessories available.

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