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Leak Testing High Voltage Switchgear

In this article we will cover production leak testing of gas insulated high voltage switchgear and associated subassemblies. Gas-insulated high voltage switchgear typically use a sulfur hexafluoride

Helium Consumption Reduction: Part 1

Helium Consumption Reduction: Part 1

With rising helium costs and no slowdown in sight, many users of helium leak detection equipment are looking for ways to keep costs in control. Additionally, some


Why Use Helium for Leak Testing?

You use helium in your production leak testing and you are concerned about helium prices and supply interruptions. Your gas supplier might have even put

Helium Letter

Are We Running Out of Helium?

The production manager poked his head in my office. “Just to keep you in the loop, we are almost out of helium and our supplier