For ultimate flexibility and control of your vacuum system, the feature-packed VC-3500 Vacuum Controller provides automated vacuum control with customizable software and test recipes for your unique and complex vacuum processes. Capable of vacuum applications incorporating both single pumps and multiple pump high vacuum systems, the VC-3500 integrates vacuum gauges and valves for either automated mode or interlocked manual mode operation.


  • Door Sensors
  • Multiple Chambers
  • Purge Gas
  • Overpressure Control
  • Lighting
  • Vacuum Ramping Control
  • Light Towers


  • Vacuum Degassing
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Package Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Research & Development

  • Program evacuation, vent, and hold conditions in any sequence from Atm to 10-3 Torr
  • Graphical display of vacuum data
  • Turbo pump valve sequencing with interlocks and pumpdown timers
  • from 10-3 to 10-7 Torr
  • Log data directly to USB drive
  • Auto control electric or pneumatic valves
  • Test up to 20 recipe configurations with adjustable parameters
  • Can customize to include unique test or I/O requirements
  • Full RS232 serial interface control for remote integration
  • Manual or auto control for valves (gate, vent, rough, foreline, and purge)
Control System:
Micro Controller with 7-inch Color Touch Screen
Communication Interface:
Electrical Requirements:
120 VAC/15 Amp or 208-240 VAC/15 Amp
2” D x 12” L x 9” H
Data Storage:
Ethernet, Micro SD Card, USB Drive
Table Top or System Frame Mount
Compressed Air for “P” Versions, 20-120 psig, 1-3 scfm
Vacuum, Time, and Hold
Vacuum Level:
Atm to 10-7 Torr
Torr, psia, psig, inHgA, inHg, mbar, Atm, Pa, feet, meters, hPa, microns

No accessories available.

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VC-3500 Vacuum Controller
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