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Save time, money, and manpower when you operate your vacuum system with the VC-1000 Vacuum Control Package. Economical and easy-to-use, the control package includes controller, InstruTech® Stinger Vacuum Gauge with adjustable setpoint control, and a NW25 electric vacuum and vent valve. With automatic setpoint control and manual operation of vacuum and vent valves, the VC-1000 package provides convenient, reliable vacuum control for many vacuum applications, including vacuum degassing and product testing.


  • Vacuum Degassing
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Package Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Research & Development

  • Control to an upper and lower vacuum setpoint in auto mode
  • Automated vacuum control to setpoint entered on gauge
  • Vacuum measurement from ATM to 10-3 Torr
  • Manual operation vacuum and vent valves
  • Includes InstruTech® Stinger Vacuum Gauge, NW25 electric vacuum and vent valves, and six feet of valve and gauge cables
Electrical Requirements:
110-250 VAC (5 amps max)
8” D x 8” W x 7.5" H
Table-top or Cart Mount
Valve Operation Mode:
Manual Vent and Evacuation, Auto Evacuation
Vacuum Level:
ATM to 10-3 Torr
Vacuum Gauge:
InstruTech® Stinger Vacuum Gauge with Cable
Vacuum Valves:
Vacuum and Vent Valves with Cables

No accessories available.

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