COREVAX's 14 CFM Professional Pump Package features a rugged W2V40 rotary vane vacuum pump - a dual-stage, oil-sealed design producing 14 CFM and an ultimate vacuum of 10-3 Torr or 29.9 inHG. This pump is lightweight, quiet, compact and features an anti-suckback valve and gas ballast knob, quick disconnect ISO/KF25 fittings, and is ideal for a variety of applications.


  • W2V40 14 CFM two-stage oil-sealed vacuum pump with 120V/220V 60 Hz motor
  • Dual-stage NW 25 exhaust / oil mist eliminator with coalescing media cartridges for the oil mist and adsorptive activated carbon cartridge to remove any residual vapors or odors
  • Digital display Pirani vacuum gauge module with power cable for 120V, range 760 Torr to 10-3 Torr with NW 25 adaptor tee for easy installation at pump inlet or at system inlet
  • 9.5" clear vacuum trap with stainless steel gauze cartridge and NW 25 inlet and outlet ports
  • NW 25 clamps and centering rings for installation of provided accessories
  • 1 set of replacement cartridges for inlet trap and exhaust filters
  • 1 gallon of VacOil 19 grade vacuum pump oil
  • 1 gallon of VacOil flushing fluid


Pumping Speed @ 60 Hz: 
400 l/m, 14 cfm, 24 m3/hr
Pumping Speed @ 50 Hz:
333 l/m, 11.6 cfm, 20 m3/hr
Ultimate Pressure (Gas Ballast Open):
5 x 10-2 Torr
Ultimate Pressure (Gas Ballast Closed):
1 x 10-3 Torr
Standard Motor, CE Marked:
115V, 1 HP, 60 Hz, On/Off Switch
Power Connection:
Junction Box
Motor Speed @ 60 Hz:
1700 rpm
Oil Capacity:
1500 cc (1.5 quart)
Weight Net:
70 lbs, shipping 75 lbs
Intake/Exhaust Type/Diameter:
NW 25 (26 mm) O.D. tube
Ambient Operating Temperature:
7 to 40 °C (45 to 104 °F)
Overall Dimensions:
19.3" x 6.69" x 11.54" (L x W x H)

No accessories available.

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