Our new and improved Helium Sniffer Probe features an all new, capillary tube sniffer tip for more accurate flow. The LSP-01A is an ideal accessory designed for use with Alcatel helium mass spectrometer leak detectors. The quick connect easily attaches to the sniffer port of any Alcatel leak detector. Connect LACO’s helium sniffer probe and your leak detector is ready for sniffer mode. Packaged in a durable storage and carrying case.

  • Achieves sensitivities up to 1 x 10-7 atm-cc/sec
  • Male connector quick connect/disconnect
  • Compatible with all Alcatel leak detectors including ASM 142, ASM 180T and ASM 182T
  • Includes spare tip and filter, 10 feet of hose and portable storage case
  • Hose extension also available (Part number LMSA090216 )
No accessories available.

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