Horizontal Cylindrical Thermal Cycling (TVAC) System Horizontal Cylindrical Thermal Cycling (TVAC) System Horizontal Cylindrical Thermal Cycling (TVAC) System

A space manufacturing technology industry customer required a high vacuum system to test and validate the integrity of their state-of-the-art components under high vacuum and hot and cold temperature conditions.

We configured a system using our standard 30" diameter by 36" deep vacuum chamber utilizing a stainless-steel thermal pull-out platen to cover the targeted temperature range using an external chiller setup.   Vacuum chamber is equipped with thermal cylindrical shroud, large pullout platen, and 6” diameter viewport.

 System is mounted on a ruggedized mobile frame and testing is controlled entirely using our versatile HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller.

  • Chamber Configuration: 30" DIA x 36" L Horizontal Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber, made of 304 stainless steel and a #4 grain polish on the inside and glass bead blast exterior. 6-inch glass viewport, and internal LED lighting
  • Process Controller: HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller with 7” color touch screen
  • System Enclosure: Fully integrated and enclosed system mounted on ruggedized mobile cart
  • Thermal Supply: External  closed loop recirculating chiller 
  • Shroud: Internal pillow-plated stainless steel cylindrical shroud - thermally isolated 1.5” from chamber wall   
  • Shelf: Internal rollout SS shelf, approximately 24" W x 35" L with 1/3 length linear rail extension for easy loading and unloading of customer parts
  • Pump package: Dry vacuum roughing pump and high-vacuum turbo pump
Chamber:30" DIA x 36" Deep - horizontal cylindrical vacuum chamber
Chamber Material:
Stainless steel w/hinged stainless steel door
Vacuum Rating:
1 x 10-6 Torr
Temperature Rating:
Shroud: -60 °C to 150 °C
Platen Shelf: -60 °C to 150 °C
Thermal Management:
Cooling and Heating: Single Zone using external chiller
NW16 (gauge, spare) | NW25 (gauge) | NW40 (rough vacuum, vent, purge) | LN2 (feedthrough, spare) | ISO200 (high vacuum, spare) | Misc feedthrough ports
Leak Rate:
1 x10-8 atm cc/sec (helium)
LED lights, mounted on inside of chamber
Temperature Controller:
HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller
Pumping System:
Dry vacuum roughing pump and high-vacuum turbo pump
System Power:
230 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 phase
No accessories available.

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