Leak Test System for Heat Exchangers Leak Test System for Heat Exchangers

A global aerospace and industrial products manufacturer specified unique requirements for a leak test system designed to test a high-pressure oxygen test rig. Requirements included a high-pressure proof test, sliding tray, helium leak detector, and specialized vacuum chamber with cladding for safe operation at high pressures. Test requirements included high helium pressure (2,200 psig), high leak test sensitivity, and chamber sealing interface.

We engineered a custom leak test system with precision tooling and high surface finish to meet the leak test sensitivity requirements. The system also incorporated a high purity nitrogen vent and high capacity gas booster.

  • High pressure, pneumatic operated pressure booster system to achieve test pressures and optimize helium usage
  • L-style cradle feet to support chamber, mounted on mobile cart
  • Cladded vacuum chamber and reusable pressure relief vent
  • Designed to effortlessly open and close with pneumatic operated clamps
  • Designed with slide out shelf for easy loading/unloading of parts
  • PC-based LabView application with custom reports
Leak testing heat exchangers in high pressure oxygen test rig
Tracer gas:
Controller System:
PC-based LabView
Leak Test Method:
Helium hard vacuum
Leak Rate:
Helium leak tested to 1 x 10-8 atm-cc/sec
Test Pressure:
Designed to maintain the set pressure of at least < 0.2 psia, 5 psia, 8 psia, and 14.7 psia, while the test rig tests the "unit under test" between sea level ambient pressure (14.7 psia) and rough vacuum (< 0.2 psia).
Portable cart
18" DIA x 30" D stainless steel horizontal cylinder
Door Configuration:
Hinged door with pneumatic clamps
Vacuum Rating:
Capable of pumping down the chamber to achieve better than 1 Torr (<0.2 psia)
Glass bead blast interior and exterior
Leak Detector:
Inficon Modul 1000

No accessories available.

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