High Visibility Product Testing Vacuum System High Visibility Product Testing Vacuum System

A research hospital required a product testing chamber for Medical R&D and the customer's requirements included full automation with customized test recipes and sequences. We engineered a custom product test system featuring a high-volume cube chamber with clear acrylic door, mounted on a mobile cart. Test sequences and recipes controlled using our VC-2500 Vacuum Controller, providing flexible control of the single pump system. 

  • High volume stainless steel chamber with clear acrylic door.
  • Integrated vacuum controller with 7" color touchscreen for test recipe automation
  • Mobile cart for ease of use
  • 8.2 CFM dry roots pump
Chamber Dimensions:
12" W x 12" H x 12" D
Series CH Cube High Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Rating:
1 x 10-6 Torr
Chamber Material:
304 stainless steel
Door Material:
Buna O-ring
Door Configuration: 
Hinged with door clamp closure
Vacuum Port:
NW 25
Vent Port:
NW 25
Gauge Port:
NW 16
Glass bead blast interior
Approximate Volume (in³):
VC-2500 Vacuum Controller
Pumping System:
Dry roots vacuum pump (8.2 cfm)

No accessories available.

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