Helium hard vacuum system for electronic components Custom tooling on helium hard vacuum system for electronic components

Global distributor of nutritional products required a custom leak test system for testing multiple models of electronic assemblies. 

We engineered a cart-mounted leak test system utilizing the helium hard vacuum leak test method that features custom-machined leak test fixtures designed to fit the test assemblies. Together with the TITANTEST helium mass spec leak detector and the ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller, this system provides the custom yet flexible solution this customer needed. 

Leak testing electrical components
Health & Nutrition
Tracer gas:
Controller System:
ATLAS leak test process controller
Leak Test Method:
Helium hard vacuum
Leak Rate:
1 x 10-7 atm-cc/sec with a pressure differential of 1 atmosphere with 100% helium
Tabletop system
Multiple custom-machined test fixtures
Leak Detector:
TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector on Cart with Wired Remote
Pumping System:
Wet pump

No accessories available.

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