The TITANTEST Communication Module (TCM) adds powerful communication and data logging features to your helium leak detector. The TCM is a small interface module packaged in a NEMA enclosure which includes a color touch screen interface, microprocessor, wired Ethernet interface, data storage, web server, and serial barcode scanner interface.


  • Operator Interface: 3.5" color touch screen display
  • Interfaces:
    • Serial interface to leak detector (RS232)
    • Serial interface for 2D bar code scanner (scanner not included)
    • Wired Ethernet interface for data retrieval and web page interface (wireless Ethernet adaptor available)
    • Web page interface monitoring of leak detector performance and status and retrieving logged test data
  • Data logging options:
    • Test Summary: Date/Time, Leak Rate, Operator, Serial Number (from Barcode Scanner) recorded at the end of each test cycle
    • Data Stream: Date/Time, Leak Rate, Test Pressure, Manual Start/Stop Logging, Configurable Interval
  • Data storage options:
    • Log to CSV file (customize file name) on internal SD card memory (retrieved via Ethernet connection or direct from SD card)
    • Log to CSV file (customize file name) web page using web server. Up to 5,000,000 lines of data storage