ASTM D6653 Package Testing System for Military and Defense Products ASTM D6653 Package Testing System for Military and Defense Products VC-2500 Vacuum Controller

Our client required a vacuum system for altitude testing packaging ASTM D6653 test standards. This test simulates the effects of high altitude and pressure differential that packaging would undergo in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

When altitude testing, a typical test cycle  pumps a chamber down to a specified pressure level and vents back to atmosphere as rapidly as possible so each test cycle can be accomplished as quickly as possible. Our client, however, required a strict regulation of pump down and rate of return. 

We engineered a custom package testing system with a custom Series CI carbon steel vacuum chamber and a VC-2500 Vacuum Controller. This controller enables custom software programming that operated like a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) type controller and ramped pressure within the chamber up and down according to the ASTM-specified rate using a butterfly valve and a choke. 

  • Fully integrated, portable vacuum system
  • Cube, front-loading chamber with full access swing hinge door and quick door clamp closure
  • Custom ports including 6" viewport
Chamber Dimensions (inside):
45" W x  45" L x 45" H
Series CI Cube Industrial Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Rating: 
10-3 Torr
Chamber Material:
Powder coated Carbon Steel
Door Material: 
Powder coated Carbon Steel
Door Configuration:
VC-2500 Vacuum Controller
Pumping System:
Two stage rotary vane pump
Custom Options:
Port size, port location

No accessories available.

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Application Notes

Application Note 09-24: Altitude Simulation for Transportation Testing of Packaging