Alcatel Oil Mist Filter Kit—ASM 142 Leak Detector

LACO Replacement Internal Oil Mist Filter Kit for ASM 142, ASM 142S, ASM 182, ASM 192 helium leak detectors.

Kit replaces Alcatel p/n 107348 and allows for easy low cost filter replacements. Kit is easy to install. Existing oil mist filter must be completely replaced since design does not allow for elements to be replaced.

Each kit contains 2ea spare replacements p/n LMSA068304. Additional element replacements for LMSA038304 are $12.00 each

Use a replacement for p/n 107348 in the following leak detectors:

ASM 142, ASM 142S, ASM


  • ASM 142
  • ASM 142S
  • ASM182
  • ASM 192

No accessories available.

Application Notes

Oil Mist Exhaust Filtration and Exhaust Control