Vacuum Decay Leak Test System for Aircraft Engine Control Modules Vacuum Decay Leak Test Chamber

Aircraft component manufacturer required a leak test system for aircraft engine control modules. Customer requirements included:

  • Reliable, high sensitivity leak test on a sealed device
  • Need to check for both gross and fine leaks
  • Ability to test multiple enclosure sizes in the same test chamber
  • Aggressive cycle times for large part and small leak rate.

To fulfill these requirements, we engineered an integrated vacuum decay leak test system with an AURA air leak tester.

  • AURA air leak tester in a benchtop configuration connected to a test chamber
  • Multiple inserts to minimize test volume for different part sizes
  • Integrated calibrated leak for system calibration and validation
  • Barcode reader to automate test recipe selection to minimize operator error and enable test data logging
Leak testing aircraft engine control modules
Production Volume:
Low to Medium
Tracer gas:
Controller System:
AURA Compact Vacuum Decay Leak Tester
Leak Test Method:
Vacuum Decay
Leak rate:
0.5 std-cc/min
Cycle Time:
< 30 minutes per part
Portable cart
Cube leak test chamber
Bar code reader

No accessories available.

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