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Reliable product packaging is critical to prevent spills, contamination and ensure product integrity during transportation. Issues such as packaging material compatibility, sealing machine setup and contamination are factors that can affect the packaging seal reliability. Package testing in a vacuum environment with the use of a vacuum chamber is a useful way of determining the integrity of product packaging during production to reduce and prevent product and packaging damage. 

LACO’s Vertical Clear (VC) vacuum chambers offer a vertical cylindrical design and constructed of durable cast acrylic ideal for package testing. The clear acrylic material allows for a full 360° view of your packaging. Visually test packaging for leaks using the bubble test method. A small shelf mounted beneath the vacuum chamber lid keeps the part submerged during the full test.

Standard chambers include three ports (vacuum, vent, and gauge), two ball valves, 0-30" dial vacuum gauge, and a lid with o-ring seal. All vacuum chambers are helium leak tested for quality assurance.

Easily Design Full Test System
Simply start with our standard vacuum chamber, add vacuum components and vacuum pump to create a complete, low cost vacuum system. Other custom options available include shelves, additional ports, feedthroughs and system mounting on extruded aluminum carts. Our application engineers can customize any chamber and system to meet your application needs.

  • Durable cast acrylic
  • 360° view
  • Top-loading lid

12" DIA x 18" H
Vacuum Rating:
0.1 Torr
Buna O-ring
Vacuum Port:
3/4" NPT includes manual ball valve and NW 25 flange
Vent Port:
1/4" NPT includes manual ball valve
Gauge Port:
1/4" NPT includes 0-30 in Hg vacuum gauge
Chamber Material:
Clear acrylic
Lid Material:
Clear acrylic
Lid Configuration:
No hinge/clamp
Approximate Volume (in³):

No accessories available.

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