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Safety Components: Airbag Manufacturer Needs Fast Cycle Times in a Compact Footprint

Our customer sought an automated, high performance leak test system for its airbag inflator components that had fast cycle time capabilities in a compact, 30” x 40” footprint.


Because humidity and other contaminants can affect the chemical pellets which cause the explosion in the combustion chamber, leak testing must be done on the airbag diffuser to ensure that it is airtight. In addition to our customer’s need to ensure an airtight diffuser, their need for a fast cycle time of four seconds from part to part presented a unique challenge that would require custom fabrication of test chambers which will accommodate various part sizes and reduce dead volume inside the chamber to meet the required cycle time.


Our final design provided leak testing to 1 x 10-5 with a part to part cycle time of three seconds.

  • Footprint: 30″ x 40″
  • Part to Part Cycle time of 3 seconds
  • Leak testing to 1 x 10-5

Leak test system - leak tester - production leak testing