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LACO Service Solutions

What are service and repair issues costing you?

True cost of downtime

Every company knows downtime is costly, but not every company fully grasps the true cost of unplanned downtime and ineffective equipment. In addition to direct costs of equipment repair, direct labor, and lost production, there are a host of secondary costs to consider. Indirect labor and equipment costs, quality issues, and intangibles like customer satisfaction and employee morale, all take their toll. (Costs of Downtime in the Manufacturing Industry, 2018)

Put in real numbers, the cost is staggering. A multi-industry study of downtime costs puts the per minute cost of downtime at $7,900 per minute and rising every year. (Sverdlik, 2013) More than ever, it’s imperative to have a custom service solution in place to maximize your uptime and efficiency.

LACO Service Solutions

LACO Technologies is committed to providing our customers every resource to educate, train, and support our customers in order to ensure their success and avoid costly downtime and repairs. Through our training, PM Program, and repair services, we can help you configure a flexible, affordable service solution that is tailored to your needs

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