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LACO’s lineup of Automated and Manual Helium Bombing Systems

Elevating Leak Test Precision

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With the constantly evolving manufacturing industry, precision leak testing is a critical facet to ensure the reliability and safety of sealed components. LACO Technologies offers a complete line of manual and automated helium bombing systems, providing a solution for dependable leak testing to meet unique requirements, as well as accessories to tailor your systems to specific needs.

At LACO, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our standard manual and automated helium bombing systems. These systems are designed to provide accuracy and reliability in leak testing sealed components. Utilizing our state-of-the art TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector and leak test chambers, our systems provide a complete turnkey system for instant impact.

Manual and Automated Systems Tailored to Your Needs

LACO offers manually operated helium bombing systems equipped with our standard gas charge manifold. Our pretested manifold allows complete control of gas for applications including vacuum bombing, sniffing accumulation and calibrated leak standard recharge.

Our standard automated leak test bombing systems feature the ATLAS Controller, offering pre-programmed test routines, up to 100 customized test recipes, data logging, and more. These systems, combined with our vacuum chambers and TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector, provide a comprehensive and reliable leak test solution.

Custom Helium Bombing System

Understanding that each testing requirement is unique, LACO offers custom helium bombing systems tailored to meet specific needs that fall outside the standard offering range. Common custom offerings include custom chamber sizes, custom frame or setup design, and multiple bombing chamber setups. LACO also offers custom software sequences or features, to automate your system and seamlessly integrate to your current software. Our engineering teams, armed with over 25 years of experience in helium bombing applications, are ready to collaborate with you to create a custom solution ensuring a perfect fit in your leak test process.

Application in Manufacturing

Ideal for manufacturers of small, sealed electronics and hermetically sealed devices, LACO’s helium bombing systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of these critical components. The testing process involves placing test parts in a helium gas-exposed pressure chamber, allowing helium to penetrate inside the part. Post-helium exposure, the part is placed in a vacuum chamber and tested with a leak detector to measure out-leakage. Understanding and controlling the test parameters such as pressurization time, helium bombing pressure, internal volume, and leak size are critical for test success.

Optimize with Accessories

Complementing the helium bombing system, LACO offers a full line of helium bombing accessories. These accessories are designed to enhance the testing process, ensuring an efficient solution for manufacturers. LACO offers leak test vacuum chambers that easily connect for quick and reliable testing, with a range of eight standard chambers to fit your specifications. LACO also has open-style leak standards specifically for calibrations and process verification of your helium bombing system. From specialized chambers to precise pressure controls, every accessory is crafted to elevate the overall performance of the helium bombing system for your specific need.

LACO Technologies stands as a trusted partner, providing a complete array of helium bombing and accessories. With a legacy of over 25 years in helium bombing applications, our commitment to accuracy and reliability ensures your leak test and bombing needs are met with unparalleled expertise.