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Customer Spotlight: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Raising the Bar on Quality

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments used in an array of industries which include pharmaceutical, biotech, academic research institutions, and government agencies. It is their mission to give their customers the tools needed to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place.

The Thermo Fisher Scientific analytical instrument division has an extensive product line which assists in solving the toughest challenges using advanced technologies ranging from mass spectrometry and chromatography, to molecular spectroscopy, surface analysis, and microanalysis. Simply put these instruments help researchers answer questions like “what is it?” and “how much is there?” An end user of such equipment must be confident that their machine is providing them with accurate results. Thermo Fisher Scientific has recognized this requirement and has entrusted LACO to provide calibrated leak standards for their analytical equipment to help give confidence to their customers that their analyses are precise and accurate.

Calibrated Leak Standard for Surface ScienceWith more of these leak standards being needed this past year it is apparent that confidence in the accuracy afforded by modern instruments is becoming increasingly important to both end users and to Thermo Fisher Scientific. The Thermo Scientific X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) instruments for surface and ultra-thin film analysis are an example of this. Technologies such as OLEDs for TV and smart-phone displays, or other layered materials require the removal of material using an ion source to complete the characterization, and accurate calibration of the flow of argon into the ion source is essential for a reliable and reproducible rate of removal of material. Small changes in layer thickness can have a big impact on device performance; therefore, LACO’s leak standards are a critical component for customer confidence in their analysis results. Companies within the scientific industries are raising the bar on quality standards and LACO is pleased to be working with Thermo Fisher Scientific on the forefront of this movement.

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