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Accessories to unlock the full potential of your TITAN VERSA Helium Leak Detector

Get the most out of your TITAN VERSA

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When it comes to leak detection and testing equipment, versatility is key. LACO Technologies understands this well, and that's why they've designed the TITAN VERSA to be more than just a standard unit. With a comprehensive and broad range of accessories, this high-performance helium leak detector becomes a true powerhouse, offering enhanced capabilities and flexibility to accommodate your specific needs.

Data Collection and Automation

In the age of automation, data collection is pivotal to the efficiency and traceability of helium leak detection processes, and LACO Technologies offers an array of accessories for the TITAN VERSA to support this. Data collection accessories look to help you collect test data, helping you better analyze and organize your information. From high-speed barcode readers that serial number tracking of test data to the adaptable LACO Technologies Atlas Controller designed to standard automated leak test processes, these tools are the backbone of data collection and automation.

·         Barcode Readers: Streamline your workflow by scanning barcodes to quickly identify and label test data.

·         USB Data Loggers: Capture and store test data directly to a USB device for easy analysis and record-keeping.

·         Remote I/O Modules: Automate the capabilities of your helium leak detector by connecting an external PLCL.

·         Ethernet and Remote VNC: Access and control your helium leak detector remotely via Ethernet connectivity and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) for increased flexibility.

·         ATLAS Controller: An advanced control unit that offers comprehensive automation, data management capabilities, and helium management, optimizing your helium leak detection processes.  

Test Enhancement

To take your leak testing to the next level, LACO Technologies provides several accessories designed for test enhancements. From N2 gas purges, to remote starts these accessories will help streamline your testing process.

·         N2 Gas Purge/Vent Module: Maintain optimal test conditions with the N2 gas purge/vent module, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

·         Remote Start: Simplify your testing workflow by allowing you to initiate tests from a convenient location.

·         Inlet Filters: Protect your Titan Versa with inlet filters designed to remove particle and contaminants.

·         Pass/Fail Module: Quickly determine the success of your tests with the pass/fail module, making quality determining test results easier than ever.



Helium Management

Helium is a critical, and often costly, component of many leak testing applications, and LACO Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories to manage helium efficiently when using a TITAN VERSA. From ensuring precise delivery of helium to monitoring and verifying helium concentrations for optimal accessories, these accessories are designed to improving testing efficiency.

·         Helium Spray Probes: When it comes to sniffer testing, precision is key. Our specialized helium spray probes ensure the precise delivery of helium, guaranteeing the accuracy you demand in your tests.

·         Helium Bombing Chambers: Accurate results are the bedrock of effective testing. Our helium bombing chambers provide controlled helium exposure for your test samples, ensuring your results are reliable.

·         Helium Concentration Testers: Monitoring and verifying helium concentrations in your testing environment has never been easier. With our helium concentration testers, you can be sure that your testing conditions are optimized for accuracy.

·         Helium Manifolds: Experience a smoother testing process by streamlining the distribution of helium to multiple test points with our helium manifolds.



Core Accessories

Having the right tools is crucial for leak detection. LACO Technologies offers core accessories for the TITAN VERSA, enhancing your process.

·         Service Carts: Keep your TITAN VERSA mobile and easily accessible with our service carts. Equipped with large front wheels, sliding utility drawer, and room for a large external pump package, this rugged cart is perfect for your mobile requirements.

·         External Pumps: Supercharge your testing capabilities by incorporating external pumps. More Power equals more efficiency, allowing you to tackle even the most demanding testing requirements with ease.

·         Sniffer Probe: Achieve pinpoint accuracy in leak detection with our specialized sniffer probes. Designed to detect even the smallest of leaks, they’re your trusted partners in precision testing.

·         Calibrated Leak Standards: To ensure your TITAN VERSA is performing at its best, you need the right tools. Our calibrated leaks standards are essential for system validation guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

·         Fittings and Components: We understand that every testing application is unique. That’s why we provide a wide range of fittings and components, allowing you to customize your TITAN VERSA to suit your specific needs.

LACO Technologies TITAN VERSA's available accessories are the key to unlocking its full potential. Whether you need to enhance data collection, improve testing accuracy, manage helium effectively, or expand your system's capabilities, these accessories provide the tools necessary to meet your unique testing requirements. With these additions, the TITAN VERSA becomes not just a leak detection system, but a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.