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LACO Technologies awarded U.S. Utility Patent

LACO granted utility patent no. 10,401,255 relating to leak testing under vacuum conditions

 SALT LAKE CITY | Sept. 3, 2019 | LACO Technologies, a leading manufacturer of vacuum and leak testing solutions today announced that they have been granted a patent relating generally to leak testing and more specifically to a method and apparatus for leak testing under vacuum conditions.

 Manufactured parts often need to be tested for leaks. However, in various instances, leaks may be difficult to detect due to the nature of the part. As such, leaks may persist undetected in a manufactured part and may prevent the part from functioning properly.

This patent covers several components and technical aspects, including a leak test apparatus – which may include a test chamber, pressure transducer, vacuum source and vapor trap – and a method for leak testing. These elements can be combined in various combinations without exclusivity.

For complete details on this patent, please refer to US Utility Patent no. 10,401,255, issued on September 3, 2019.

About LACO Technologies

LACO Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of vacuum and leak testing systems. Driven by innovation, service, and quality, we strive to be the best provider of standard and custom vacuum and leak testing solutions.

Established in 1975, LACO Technologies is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and serves customers across the United States and internationally. Owned by engineers, LACO is uniquely situated to provide innovative solutions for vacuum and leak testing applications. We work with diverse customer applications and are dedicated to creating the right solution to help our customers achieve their goals. For more information, please visit www.lacotech.com.

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