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LACO Technologies awarded U.S. Patent

Awarded utility patent for its Hybrid Accumulation Test System (HATS)

SALT LAKE CITY | May 4, 2011 | Salt Lake City based, LACO Technologies, Inc. was awarded the utility patent for its Hybrid Accumulation Test System (HATS™). Issued March 2011 The United States Patent No. 7,905,132, outlines “Leak Testing using [a] Tracer Gas Permeable Membrane.”

LACO’s HATS™ system allows customers to helium leak test production components without the need of using the traditional hard vacuum test method. The HATSTM method is ideal for testing parts that are contaminated with oil, grease, water, dust, or for parts that cannot be exposed to a full vacuum environment for testing. Using traditional leak testing methods these contaminants could travel to the leak detector and damage expensive equipment, require intensive maintenance, and prevent accurate and reliable readings.

LACO filed the patent with the U.S. Patent Office August 14, 2007 through Workman | Nydegger Intellectual Property Attorneys. Research and development was done by Paul Chamberlain, President, and Rogelio Gutierrez, Service & Support Manager.

Greater detail about the patent’s application can be found on LACO’s website.

This patent comes as LACO continues its growth and expansion. In June 2010 LACO moved into a newly remodeled building increasing its facility space from 14,000 to 25, 000 sq ft. Following their move, LACO re‐designed and launched their company website in September 2010.

LACO Technologies was established in 1975 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Family‐owned, LACO opened as a vacuum pump distributor, but has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum and leak testing systems and solutions. LACO Technologies products include; vacuum chambers and systems, leak testing systems, CalMaster™ gas leak standards, and A2LA accredited leak standard and vacuum gauge calibrations. LACO serves the United States and
international community in industries ranging from aerospace and defense to medical and transportation manufacturing.


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