Frontier Standard TVAC Configurator

Use this configurator to select your preferred sizes and options from our standard Frontier Thermal Vacuum Systems (TVAC).

Frontier TVAC Thermal Vacuum Systems are offered in two main configurations — cylindrical or cube. Our horizontal cylindrical designs range from 18″ diameter to 36″ diameter with lengths up to 40″ long with cube configurations ranging from 20″ to 36″ . Choose your preferred thermal platen thermal control with either heating (electric or chiller) and/or cooling (LN2 or chiller). Internal shrouds for radiative heating and cooling are also an option. Once configured our sales engineers will work with you on any additional customizations such as additional ports, feedthroughs, or custom features. All Frontier TVAC’s come fully equipped with turbo pump setups with gate valves with bypass pumping, dry roughing pumps, and vent and N2 purge. Also standard is our HVC-3500 standard color touch screen controller which allows custom recipes for full control and monitoring of vacuum and temperatures during testing.

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